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Book Reviews

Welcome to An Author’s Take where I share my thoughts on books written by other inspiring Christian authors. Like all of you, I love to read! Isn’t reading such a fantastic escape? I enjoy getting drawn into a good story and feeling the emotions as it unfolds. My favorite books are those that seem to end too soon. I love wondering what could happen next.

With this book review service, it is my goal to introduce you to new authors and some books you haven’t read yet. I promise to provide only honest reviews with just enough detail to pique your interest. I will let you know where to find the books and share if they are on tour.

All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the story!


Celebrate Lit

A Celebrate Lit Blogger is someone who receives books in exchange for an honest review. When a book to review becomes available, bloggers receive an email with all the details. Bloggers can then sign up for the books that interest them.  If the blogger is chosen to participate in the book tour, they are notified of the date they must post their book review. Each book tour gives bloggers the opportunity to read a great Christian piece of literature while also helping a Christian author!

My Celebrate Lit Recent Reviews

Capturing Hope

Riveting WWII Adventure Angela K Couch invites readers into the gripping world of "Capturing Hope." Set against the backdrop of Nazi-occupied Poland, Nadia Roenne grapples with loss, a mother's hasty departure, and the scarcity of hope. Enter American photographer David Reid, not just skilled with a camera but a real-life hero. He sacrifices his escape to save a Jewish family, setting the stage for a mission to keep Nadia safe amidst the chaos of bombing raids and the advancing German

Unstick Your Mind

Shift Your Mindset, Develop Grit & Break Barriers "Unstick Your Mind: Shift Your Mindset, Develop Grit & Break Barriers" by Mimika Cooney is a compelling journey into the intricate relationship between thoughts and actions. In my first encounter with Cooney's work, this book stands out as a refreshing departure from typical self-help narratives. It offers a practical approach to overcoming limiting beliefs, emphasizing continual learning and the transformative power of neuroplasticity. Rooted in real-world examples and tailored for Christians dealing

Be The Sunshine

A Ray of Positivity "Be the Sunshine" shares the real-life journey of someone named Sunshine, dealing with the pressures of having a name associated with constant happiness. As a first-time reader of this author, I found the book to be a sincere exploration of self-acceptance and embracing one's uniqueness. Unlike typical self-help books, "Be the Sunshine" doesn't prescribe happiness or positivity. Instead, it shares personal stories that delve into the author's life, emphasizing the importance of being true to oneself.

Tangles and Tinsel

A Heartwarming Holiday Novella Jennifer Sienes, known for her compelling storytelling, brings us "Tangles and Tinsel," a heartwarming novella that explores the complexities of human relationships against the backdrop of the holiday season. If you're familiar with her work, you'll appreciate the same quality of writing in this novella. Kimberley Saint John is the main character in the story. She wants peace and happiness during Christmas, especially because her father is now sober. She dreams of building a family, ideally

My Other Reviews


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Reviews by Other Bloggers

Spoon to Be Dead

A Shake Shop Mystery   Book: Spoon to Be Dead Author: Dana Mentink Genre: Cozy Mystery Release Date: October 31, 2023 A murder for the holidays is about to shake things up! Trinidad Jones is starting the festive season with sugary confections and a heaping scoop of worry as her shake shop enters its first Oregon winter. With snow abound and tourists trickling through, she’ll do anything to keep her milkshake dreams afloat, even if it means catering a holiday

The Starlet Spy

Book: The Starlet Spy Authors: Rachel Scott McDaniel Genre: Historical Christian Fiction Release Date: August, 2023 Hollywood Star Turns Spy In 1943, movie producer Henrik Zoltan approaches Amelie Blake under the guise of offering the Hollywood star a leading part in his upcoming film, but he has a more meaningful role in mind. Amelie’s homeland of Sweden declared neutrality in the war, but Stockholm has become the “Casablanca of the North.” When top-secret atomic research goes missing in Sweden, the

Legacy of Love

Legacy of Love on Tour with Celebrate Lit. Author: Kathy Mills Genre: Christian Nonfiction Release Date: January 31, 2023 Legacy of Love is a heartfelt memoir that delves into the author’s personal journey of facing troubles and finding peace in the midst of adversity. Drawing from the powerful scripture of John 16:33, the author shares her experiences of praying for protection and blessings, only to realize that God’s answer may not always come in the way she expects. When her

A Wedding in Wild Harbor

Book: A Wedding in Wild Harbor Author: Grace Worthington Genre: Clean Romance Release date: September 29, 2022 She needs a hero to save her beloved bookshop. He needs a girlfriend to satisfy his mother’s dying wish. Can this grump and sunshine pair work out the perfect deal for a happily ever after? If Cassidy Woods could make one dream come true, it would be to save her struggling bookshop from closing its doors. So when wealthy investor Liam Henry announces

Book Tours

  • Spoon to Be Dead by Dana Mentink, 10/14 – 10/27/2023

  • The Starlet Spy by Rachel Scott McDaniel, 08/29 – 09/11/2023

  • Legacy of Love by Kathy Mills, 08/18 – 08/31/2023

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