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Book Reviews

Welcome to An Author’s Take where I share my thoughts on books written by other inspiring Christian authors. Like all of you, I love to read! Isn’t reading such a fantastic escape? I enjoy getting drawn into a good story and feeling the emotions as it unfolds. My favorite books are those that seem to end too soon. I love wondering what could happen next.

With this book review service, it is my goal to introduce you to new authors and some books you haven’t read yet. I promise to provide only honest reviews with just enough detail to pique your interest. I will let you know where to find the books and share if they are on tour.

All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the story!


Celebrate Lit

A Celebrate Lit Blogger is someone who receives books in exchange for an honest review. When a book to review becomes available, bloggers receive an email with all the details. Bloggers can then sign up for the books that interest them.  If the blogger is chosen to participate in the book tour, they are notified of the date they must post their book review. Each book tour gives bloggers the opportunity to read a great Christian piece of literature while also helping a Christian author!

My Celebrate Lit Recent Reviews

Lilac Cottage

Secrets, Summer, and Second Chances As a newcomer to Carrie Fancett Pagels' writing, I was immediately captivated by the beautiful cover art of Lilac Cottage, Book 2 in the Mackinac Cottages Series. The stunning shades of purple, perfectly capturing the essence of the island's famous flower, drew me in before I even knew the premise of the story. As a fellow "yooper" who has spent many years away from Michigan, I couldn't wait to dive into this book and indulge

The Underground Book Readers

The Underground Book Readers Unite! As a reader of Terry Overton's books in the past, I was intrigued when I stumbled upon "The Underground Book Readers: United Forces," a teen dystopian novel with an interesting book cover. Having never read a dystopian book targeted toward teenagers before, I was curious to see how the author's storytelling would translate to this genre. Plus, with grandchildren in the same age group as the intended audience, I wanted to check it out before


Author: Sara Davison Genre: Action/Suspense Release date: October 5, 2022 The one missing person he can’t find is the one who matters the most. Private Investigator Jax Rodriguez has been searching for his brother, Diego, for twenty years. When he stumbles upon another lead, he makes an agonizing decision—he will follow this last trail until it grows cold, and then he will marry the woman he loves and abandon his quest once and for all. Artist Mikayla Grant is terrified of

Targeted in the Desert

Author: Dana Mentink Genre: Romantic Suspense Release date: March 28, 2023 Family secrets have Felicia Tennison, and the sister she never knew existed, on the run. Someone is after them, and Felicia will have to turn to someone she never wanted to see again for help—her ex. Sheriff Jude Duke vows to protect them as they race to uncover why the little girl is a target. But the search to find the answers could cost them their futures. Click here

My Other Reviews


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Reviews by Other Bloggers

Knowing and Following

  Author: Jeannine Bennett Genre: Christian Nonfiction, Women’s Bible Study Format Release date: December 12, 2021 What do you do when you realize God is love? Do you remain stuck in a life of bondage, or do you follow His ways to live a life of freedom? Imagine how easy life would be if everything happened by chance simply to give each of us our heart’s desires. It sounds pretty amazing until you realize not all individuals have the same

Her Guarded Heart

Author: Sharlene MacLaren Genre: FICTION / Christian/Romance/Historical Release date: February 1, 2022 At age twenty-one, Anna Hansen has had more than her share of hardship. Her mother died when she was eleven and her father just passed away under mysterious circumstances, leaving her to care for her ten-year-old brother, Billy Ray. She struggles to hang onto the family farm but it’s facing foreclosure and things are looking grim. Next door, Jesse Fuller’s drive, work ethic, and skill ensure that his family’s farm is a

Glimpses of God

Authors: Harriet E. Michael & Shirley Crowder Genre: Non-fiction, Christian Living, Devotional Release date: March 10, 2021 Creator God made the world in which we live. He placed the moon and stars in the sky, the rivers and ocean on the earth. He also created seasons throughout the year. Each season is defined by specific features and attributes that are common, although the degree varies depending on where one lives. In winter we think of cold weather. In spring, blooming

The Inn on Hanging Hill

Author: Christy Barritt Genre: Romantic Mystery Release date: October, 2021 Each house has a history. Each person has a secret. Each turn of events leads to danger. Lindsey Waters never wanted to return to the seaside inn where she grew up. Too many traumatic memories haunt the place, both from her childhood and from days gone by. But with guilt relentlessly chasing her after a tragic choice, she’s desperate for a fresh start. Mysterious incidents begin plaguing the inn—dangerous incidents—that

Book Tours

  • A Wedding in Wild Harbor by Grace Worthington, 02/11 – 02/24/2023

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