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Book Reviews

Welcome to An Author’s Take where I share my thoughts on books written by other inspiring Christian authors. Like all of you, I love to read! Isn’t reading such a fantastic escape? I enjoy getting drawn into a good story and feeling the emotions as it unfolds. My favorite books are those that seem to end too soon. I love wondering what could happen next.

With this book review service, it is my goal to introduce you to new authors and some books you haven’t read yet. I promise to provide only honest reviews with just enough detail to pique your interest. I will let you know where to find the books and share if they are on tour.

All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the story!


Celebrate Lit

A Celebrate Lit Blogger is someone who receives books in exchange for an honest review. When a book to review becomes available, bloggers receive an email with all the details. Bloggers can then sign up for the books that interest them.  If the blogger is chosen to participate in the book tour, they are notified of the date they must post their book review. Each book tour gives bloggers the opportunity to read a great Christian piece of literature while also helping a Christian author!

My Celebrate Lit Recent Reviews

Marshaling Her Heart

"Marshaling Her Heart" by Mary Connealy was the first book I read by this author, and it was quite an adventure. The story is set in the Wild West, filled with romance, excitement, and some nail-biting moments. The main characters are Becky, a strong-willed ranch owner, and Nate, a former U.S. Marshal. When Nate suggests that Becky's ranch could be a good hideout for a group of marshals who are chasing a dangerous gang, it kicks off a captivating romance.

Garden of the Midnights

Secrets, Scandals, Lies and Love Garden of the Midnights is the first book I have read by Hannah Linder. I chose the book because I like the genre. I found the book to be a captivating and suspenseful novel set in Regency England. The story follows William Kensley, a wealthy gentleman who is framed for murder and forced to flee his home. He finds refuge at Rosenleigh Manor, where he meets Isabella Gresham, a beautiful and intelligent young woman. William

Texas Times

City Mayhem Meets Country Charm This is the first book I have read by the author, Caryl McAdoo. I am a fan of historical romance fiction, so I figured I would give it a read. The book takes you on a captivating journey through the contrasting worlds of a country girl and the chaos of Dallas in the late 1870s. The author skillfully crafts a story filled with memorable characters and heartfelt emotions. The story opens with Alexandria Bell, a

Tropical Target

Love, Lies, and Larceny This is the first book I have read by Jennifer Pierce, and I tried it because it's part of the Suamalie Island Series, which I've enjoyed in the past. Tropical Target is Book 8 in the series. The story revolves around Detective Noa Tanielu's investigation into a series of thefts and a murder during the ever-popular destination weddings on Le Cadeau Île. The plot introduces wedding photographer Haley Marsh, who moves to the island to escape

My Other Reviews


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Reviews by Other Bloggers

Hidden Danger

Author: Jerusha Agen Genre: Romantic Suspense (Christian) Release date: November 8, 2021 The greatest threat to this K-9 team is the one they don’t see coming. Cora Isaksson’s guilt has shadowed her life ever since drugs ensnared her brother and he disappeared. When Bradley suddenly returns, Cora and her narcotics detection K-9 are thrust into a battle against the drug cartel that wants him back. DEA Special Agent Kent Thomson has his own personal reasons for bringing justice to the

Raising Kids Who Care

Author: Susy Lee Genre: Non-fiction: Parenting and Family Release date: June, 2022 Imagine knowing what your kids care about, having them listen to what you care about, then doing something about it, together! Communication and connection are the key, and this is exactly what this book allows you to do. It guides you through 40 conversations to have with your kids, ones that really matter. Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, educator or just care about kids and the world they’re

Finding Harmony

Authors: Alyssa Roat and Hope Bolinger Genre: Sweet Contemporary Romance Release date: July 5, 2022 Can two people-pleasing musicians win the grand prize, or will they be forced to give up music for good? Newly hired worship leader Elijah Peterson can’t seem to catch a break with his church’s congregation. With conflicting demands from congregants, he struggles to find a way to make everyone happy, especially Don, a man who’s rumored to have driven out the last worship leader. Music

Knowing and Following

  Author: Jeannine Bennett Genre: Christian Nonfiction, Women’s Bible Study Format Release date: December 12, 2021 What do you do when you realize God is love? Do you remain stuck in a life of bondage, or do you follow His ways to live a life of freedom? Imagine how easy life would be if everything happened by chance simply to give each of us our heart’s desires. It sounds pretty amazing until you realize not all individuals have the same

Book Tours

  • Spoon to Be Dead by Dana Mentink, 10/14 – 10/27/2023

  • The Starlet Spy by Rachel Scott McDaniel, 08/29 – 09/11/2023

  • Legacy of Love by Kathy Mills, 08/18 – 08/31/2023

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