Susan K. Beatty – Author Interview

Welcome to the Your Story Within podcast. In this episode, we have the pleasure of featuring Susan K. Beatty, a living testament to the idea that you can start a fiction-writing career at any age.

Join us as we dive into Susan’s inspiring journey. With her professional background as a writer and journalist, Susan is deeply engaged in the writer community. Today, she shares her experiences and insights, shedding light on her authored books that will captivate your imagination.

Susan’s storytelling revolves around characters who discover courage through faith and perseverance, experiencing the unwavering faithfulness of the Lord. Through her craft, she creates narratives that inspire, uplift, and resonate with readers of all ages.

If you’ve ever dreamed of pursuing a new career or finding your voice as a writer, this episode is a must-listen. Join us as we explore Susan’s remarkable story and gain valuable insights into her writing journey.

Are you ready to be inspired by Susan’s passion for storytelling? Tune in to this episode of the Your Story Within podcast and discover how age is no barrier to pursuing your dreams. Don’t miss out on this empowering conversation that highlights Susan’s books and the transformative power of faith and perseverance.

Tune in now and let Susan’s journey ignite your own aspirations. Get ready to be inspired and motivated to embrace your creative path, regardless of your age or background.

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Carmen's Journey of Courage, Susan Beatty

Book Summary:

Truly the odd woman out, Army weapons expert Carmen belongs to a family where PhDs are almost a second surname.

Oh, and she’s also persona non grata since that one little incident back in her teens. The one that her Tia Graviella still hasn’t forgiven her for. The one her parents and siblings will never let her forget.

A trip to Mexico City, complete with a bit of groveling at Tia Graviella’s feet, might just be what it takes to gain forgiveness and a fresh start with her family. Not only that, her tia is ailing, and someone needs to check up on her. Carmen can solve two problems with one would-do-anything-to-avoid-it trip.

Something is off, however, and as Carmen investigates, she begins to wonder if there’s more to her aunt’s troubles than ill health.

When Carmen sets her course on making things right, will it repair more than the wreckage from a youthful miscalculation?

Book Review:

Susan Beatty, Carmen's Journey of Courage

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Book Title

Knowing and Following is Book 3 in the God’s Way Series. Want to read Book 1?  Check out Broken to Beautiful here!

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