Being Again

Begin Again – God is the God of New Beginnings

As we near the end of another year, it is natural to spend some time in reflection over the past 12 months. Are you happy with the way you spent your time? Did you accomplish all the goals you set for yourself? Or do you feel like you wasted another year of your life? The good news is you can “begin again” in 2022.

Sunrise is new, begin again, new beginnings

If you’re feeling sick of yourself and your bad habits (we’ve all been there!), the good news is that God is the God of new beginnings.

Lamentations 3:22-23 (CEB) reminds us, “Certainly the faithful love of the Lord hasn’t ended; certainly God’s compassion isn’t through! They are renewed every morning. Great is your faithfulness.”

The truth is, every day that we are blessed with is another chance to do better. To love others better, to offer more forgiveness, and to extend grace. It’s another chance to live more like Jesus.

We are New Creations

Grow like plants, begin, begin again, new beginnings

Scripture tells us that we are new creations in Christ. “So then, if anyone is in Christ, that person is part of the new creation. The old things have gone away, and look, new things have arrived.”  This means that we never have to wallow in the past or beat ourselves up for our mistakes, as long as we stop living like the person we were. Look forward, you’re not the same person anymore.

“Change the former way of life that was part of the person you once were, corrupted by deceitful desires. Instead, renew the thinking in your mind by the Spirit and clothe yourself with the new person created according to God’s image in justice and true holiness” (Ephesians 4:22-24 CEB).

God is the God of Second Chances

Not only is God the God of second chances, He’s the God of third and fourth and even infinite chances! Don’t be discouraged. Get up, dust yourself off, and try again. This new year is going to be your best one yet.

About the Author

Melanie Lemus is the Communication Specialist and resident editor for author Dr. Jeannine Bennett. She lives in Virginia with her wonderful husband and witty daughter. Melanie loves her freedom – in Christ and America. She’s passionate about natural health and homeopathy, and she’s always down to take a hike through the mountains.

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