Muldoons Misfortune

A Novel by E.V. Sparrow

Join us for an exclusive interview with E.V. Sparrow, the brilliant mind behind “Muldoon’s Misfortunes”! 📚✨ Discover how Sparrow transitioned from short stories to novels and what inspired her to create the resilient character of Mick Muldoon. 🌿 Listen in as she shares her unique life experiences, from working on a kibbutz in Israel to hopping a freight train, and how these adventures shaped her storytelling. Explore the powerful themes of faith, hope, and resilience that drive her captivating Christian Historical Fiction series.

Book Synopsis:

A cursed widower forsakes his faith to ensure his hope.

On a verdant island beset by poverty and death, Mick Muldoon dares to escape his misfortunes. Is working a farm and raising a family such an impossible thing to ask? Wasn’t God supposed to answer prayers—not turn a deaf ear?

After surviving the treacherous voyage to America, Mick discovers the rumors of ample opportunity aren’t exactly true. His defective body hampers employment and keeps him dependent upon his peculiar sister. However, an unexpected invitation to move to the heartland guarantees his dreams.

Mick’s own dreadful choices hamper his hopes when he accepts work as a widow’s farmhand. Unbeknownst to him, there’s deception afoot. Mick’s inattention to love causes catastrophe as single fatherhood cruelly shatters his family. Will God miraculously hear his prayers this time?

In Book 1 of Those Resilient Muldoons series, this misguided, wayward widower encounters God’s unexpected presence.

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