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Novella by E.V. Sparrow

Watch episode 42 featuring E.V. Sparrow, the brilliant writer of “Muldoon’s Minnesota Darling.” Join me for this episode where I get the inside scoop on what went into the making of this fantastic story. Erin shares some pretty interesting backstory, plus provides some interesting future projects. You don’t want to miss it.

Book Summary

A heartsore widower with hidden fears and little faith…
The naïve daughter of a farmer guarding a repulsive secret…
A township unaware of the hidden menace amongst them…

Heartbroken from losing his family and his farm, Mick Muldoon is hopeful as he emigrates to America with his siblings. All he finds is despair and no work. Were America’s rumored promises of plenty all lies? Would God ever hear and answer his prayers?

Seventeen-year-old Shauna McGann is determined to marry Mick Muldoon despite her mother’s objections. His past and his limp might repulse others, but not her. What burdens Shauna is her terrible secret – a secret she promised her friends she would keep. Now Shauna needs help and protection. Could she trust Mick, or will she lose everything by telling him?

Will Mick finally be free of loss and find success in America? Will Shauna overcome her fears and finally feel safe?

In this Muldoon’s Misfortunes prelude novella, author E.V. Sparrow creates a provoking tale of flickering faith and enduring hope through an emigrant’s efforts to adapt, and a young woman’s unprejudiced love.

Book Review: Heartache and Hope

E.V. Sparrow’s “Muldoon’s Minnesota Darling” is a touching story that explores the struggles of Mick Muldoon, a widower looking for a fresh start in America, and Shauna McGann, a young woman determined to help him despite her own secrets. As someone new to Sparrow’s books, I was quickly drawn into the emotional journey of these characters.

You can read more from my book review: https://jeanninebennett.com/muldoons-minnesota-darling/

Don’t miss out on this delightful conversation—click the graphic below to launch Episode 42 now! 🌟


Muldoons Minnesota Darling

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